Spirits Stories: Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum Small Batch No. 2

Hard Truth Distilling Co.

Spirits Stories: Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum Small Batch No. 2

Posted: October 5, 2020

Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum Small Batch No. 2 has arrived, friends.

Available now, this limited release spirit marks a very important milestone for the Hard Truth family.

“This is a really special moment for the history of Hard Truth Distilling Company,” explained Master Distiller Bryan Smith. “This will be the first release spirit which was distilled, aged, and bottled right here at Hard Truth Hills.”

Hard Truth’s previous aged rums were distilled in the original Hard Truth facility in downtown Nashville, Indiana and completed their aging process on the Hard Truth Hills property before making their way to the public.

As for the resulting spirit, “It is a truly elegant and unique rum which balances the sweetness of our premium rum with the smoky, rich barrel character of new, charred, white oak barrels,” Smith added.

Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum begins with Hard Truth’s white rum, crafted on a base of pure sugar cane and premium Black Pearl molasses, then fermented with special strain of Caribbean yeast.

The aging process takes place in new barrels — a vessel choice typically associated with bourbon craft.

“Tasting through the barrels from the 40 that we produced for this 2020 release was one of the more exciting and fun weeks in the history of the brand,” said Smith. “Each barrel had a unique personality — as we utilized five different barrel toast/char profiles in order to create complexity throughout the batch.”

Get your bottle of Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum Small Batch No. 2 at Hard Truth Hills or any Big Woods Restaurant Group location. Hurry, though — supplies are limited.

And, once you get it home, we recommend sipping it neat, trying it in a classic daiquiri for an added bit of intrigue to the flavor profile, or treating it like bourbon in an old fashioned. Here’s the classic recipe from our cocktail catalog:

Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Old Fashioned

2 oz. Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum
1 Sugar cube
3 dashes Orange bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters
Luxardo cherry and orange peel, to garnish

1. In a mixing beaker, add sugar cube and both types of bitters, then muddle.
2. Add Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum, then top with ice.
3. Stir to chill, then single strain mixture into an ice-filled rocks glass.
4. Pick Luxardo cherry and orange peel together, and drop into drink to garnish. Enjoy!

And, for a bonus recipe, follow this LINK for a One Minute Cocktails With Hard Truth Hills video featuring Hard Truth co-founder Tim O’Bryan and his favorite aged rum take on an old fashioned.


To read more about Hard Truth White Oak Reserve Rum Small Batch No. 2, check out Hard Truth Distilling Co.’s official press release, by clicking this link: Hard Truth Distilling Co.-White Oak Reserve Rum Press Release.

You can also visit Hard Truth Distilling Co. on the Web, HERE.