Quaff ON! at the Hill: Moving the Brewery Production Facility to Hard Truth Hills

Quaff ON! at the Hill: Moving the Brewery Production Facility to Hard Truth Hills

Quaff ON! Brewing Co. is Coming!

A new brewery comes to Hard Truth Hills. A move that will double beer production and use the former location to build workforce housing.


Hard Truth Distilling Company’s sister-brand Quaff ON! Brewing Co., currently located off State Road 135 in Nashville, Ind., plans to relocate and build a new 20,000-square-foot brewery at our Hard Truth Hills campus. We’ll start building in Spring 2021, and brewing will begin the following fall.


“By moving the brewing company to our destination distillery campus, we now have a one-of-a-kind facility in southern Indiana with unforgettable experiences for our visitors. Everything from Big Woods at Hard Truth Hills, craft spirits and craft beer are all made onsite,” said Jeff McCabe, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of BWQOHT Inc. “Our main priority has always been to ‘wow’ our guests, and this move will take our offerings at Hard Truth Hills to the next level.”


The crew at BWQOHT Inc. will build the brewery just north of the distillery on our 325-acre Hard Truth Hills campus. The building features expanded terraces and a glass exterior-wall allowing guests to see the process from top to bottom. The new facility is expected to double brewing production and add six brewing company staff.


“By relocating the production of Quaff ON!, we look forward to providing additional access to consumers and ultimately visitors at Hard Truth Hills,” said Derek Clifford, Brewery General Manager for Quaff ON! Brewing Co. “Hard Truth Hill’s visitors will be able to sit outside enjoying an ice-cold Quaff ON! beer while watching the Brew Crew in action. The customer will have an excellent view of the cellar which is where you will find the fermenters and brite tanks. These tanks are planned to be larger than our current vessels providing Quaff ON! the space needed to expand production across state borders.”


Hard Truth Hills, and QuaffON!, love the planet dearly. We’re being careful with our environmental footprint and how production waste is disposed. The new brewery will include a spent grain system, which makes it easier for the local farmers they partner with to receive the used grains. In addition, the system allows for cleaner and more efficient operations for the environment.


This wouldn’t be nearly as possible without our partners at EdgeRock Development who plan to convert the former brewery site into Orchard Hill Apartments, which will be a new apartment complex with approximately 75-units.


“I’ve been a lifelong fan of Brown County and believe this project will fill a need for additional housing options for individuals who work but have to commute to the county,” said Dalton. “I’m honored to have this opportunity to help the greater community and continue to make Brown County a place where companies want to grow and expand.”


To find Hard Truth Distilling Co. and Quaff On! products near you, please visit: http://www.hardtruthdistilling.com/our-spirits/ or  http://www.quaffon.com/beer-finder/. For additional information, please visit http://www.quaffon.com/.




About BWQOHT Inc.

Big Woods is one of three companies within the BWQOHT Inc. umbrella. The second is Quaff ON! Brewing Co., which brews more than 40 craft beers, including well-known Busted Knuckle and Six Foot Blonde. The third is Hard Truth Distilling Co., which distills Hard Truth rums, vodkas and gins including top-selling Cinnamon Vodka and Toasted Coconut Rum. Hard Truth Distilling Co. is currently aging its Sweet Mash whiskey—a delicious, new innovation in the whiskey industry—in its 4,000 barrel rack house, to be released this fall. Both lines are distributed in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.