Introducing: Hard Truth Master Distiller’s Reserve Collection

Introducing: Hard Truth Master Distiller’s Reserve Collection

Posted: November 27, 2022

Hard Truth Distilling Co. has officially released its 2022 Master Distiller’s Reserve collection, an extremely limited, annual release of sweet mash whiskeys that have been handcrafted, aged, custom-blended, and bottled by the distillers at Hard Truth.

The 2022 release includes three rye whiskey mash bills that embody Hard Truth’s dedication to innovation and bringing new flavors to the whiskey world — a chocolate malt (RW-3), a caramel malt (RW-4), and a malted rye (RW-6).

Each of these barrel-strength whiskeys is a unique blend of eight to 10 barrels hand-picked from the Hard Truth rackhouse and conscientiously blended for rich flavor, pleasant complexity, and a rewarding drinking experience.

These three whiskeys are the first in Hard Truth’s once-yearly release of special sweet mash offerings in the Master Distiller’s Reserve collection. Whiskey selections will vary from year to year, showcasing unique, small-batch blends of select Hard Truth mash bills.

As of this publication, these whiskeys are currently available at the Hard Truth Distilling Co. campus in Nashville, Indiana. Hard Truth bars in Indianapolis and sister-brand Big Woods restaurants throughout the state of Indiana also have them available.
They will soon be available from retailers throughout Hard Truth’s distribution area, which includes nearly 20 states.

For full details on these special release items, including tasting notes, use the following links:

  1. Hard Truth Master Distiller’s Reserve Chocolate Malt Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey (RW-3)
  2. Hard Truth Master Distiller’s Reserve Caramel Malt Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey (RW-4)
  3. Hard Truth Master Distiller’s Reserve Malted Rye Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey (RW-6)
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